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Cinzia Vitale Prize

The Cinzia Vitale Prize is assigned yearly to a person, either a man or a woman, who has promoted cultural initiatives through his/her professional activity either in Italy or in the whole World. A person that could be defined as a “unique testimonial” of both a behavioural pattern and a lifestyle, which give values to the role of family and that invest on people, who have been representative of a pulsating heart that improve the society through the art of listening and the sharing of information. A person who donated, with an inimitable sign, the value of culture, conceived as in its highest dimension. To love culture, we need vitality. A vitality which has the power to incite every human being to transform the world in a better place, because culture is the passion for sweetness, light and beauty, but, above all, the passion to let them triumph. Culture is not a luxury, but a necessity which men should conquer step by step and that become - as Aristotle said - “an ornamentation in good fate, a shelter in the bad one”. The delivery of the Cinzia Vitale Prize takes place during the “Gran Galà di Primavera” of the Vitale Onlus, the gala event, where the conducted activities are presented together with the future ones, which will give new impetus to culture.

2015 - Professor Boris Pahor

Nominated for the Literature Nobel Prize, he has been able to offer his knowledge through a rich literary production, incentivizing and sustaining a more complete human and social training. A unique testimonial, one of the biggest Slovenian with Italian citizenship, which was deported to the Nazis lager during the Second World War. This experience indeed could be found in many of his books. He represents a man, who situated himself in the international literary landscape as author of masterpieces, who shifted the spotlight towards the horrors of the war. An interpreter of the destiny of Slovenian people in the Twentieth Century.

Elettra Marconi was awarded due to his effort in giving a voice to the work of her father, Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi was a man and scientist, who dedicated his entire life to the well-being of humanity, giving birth – through his inventions – to a brand new era which represented the definitive connection among all the continents helping the peace and union among people from different cultures. More than one hundred years ago, the young Marconi has been a pioneer: his ability of being at the same time scientist, inventor and entrepreneur, conducted him to act beyond boundaries, at an international level. His daughter, Elettra, has always wanted to remember to the new generations the nature of a man

2014 - Princess Elettra Marconi

2013 - Rector David B. Sutcliffe

First Dean of the United World College of Adriatic, Sutcliff has been the inspiration behind culture and brotherhood in a territory which has been the symbol of the Cold War, an area on the borderline with the communist block and in a Country which was wounded by the conflicts between Italians and Slovenians during the Second World War. The professor gave voice to the values, which he firmly shared. A man who, together with the Ambassador Facco Bonetti, the Honourable Corrado Belci and the Lawyer Antonio Comelli, was able to let students from all over the world discuss and overcome ethnical and cultural preconceptions.




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